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Haaruitval in de winter? - Veganboost

Hair loss in winter?

Maybe you too suffer from it: more hair loss in the winter months . That is not surprising, because our hair responds to the seasons just like our skin.

Is your brush or shower drain often full in the winter and do you feel like you are losing strands of hair at the same time? Initially there is nothing wrong with that, because our hair always goes through different phases. If you are just in a resting phase, your hair will fall out faster and grow less quickly.

When you enter the next phase again, you will see that it usually just grows back. Eating healthy, relaxing and sleeping well certainly helps, but sometimes things just don't work out or you live a slightly less healthy life than you could.

Try the hair vitamins and the shampoo + conditioner . At the bottom of each product page you can immediately see experiences from other users. Good luck!

Ps. Do you not trust it and do you think there may be an underlying medical problem? Always consult your doctor.

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