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Ask Orthomolecular Therapist Maartje for advice

I am Maartje Cameron - Orthomolecular therapist, intestinal therapist and breathing coach.

I enthusiastically guide clients in my own practice through one-on-one processes in which various problems are treated. I use laboratory tests, among other things, to identify the cause of the complaints, so that a targeted and successful treatment plan can be drawn up.

During my consultations and treatments I mainly recommend a plant-based diet as this provides enormous health benefits. I fully support the vision of Veganboost and that is why I am happy to support the team.

Before my work as an orthomolecular therapist, I worked in the skincare industry for about 20 years, as a beautician, business development manager and trainer for beauticians and skin therapists. This accumulated experience comes in handy at Veganboost.

Since knowledge sharing is my passion, you will often see me with interesting information about health and lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Advice about the Veganboost range?

Do you have questions about the Veganboost range? Would you like to know more about our supplements, the interaction with your medication or do you have other health questions?

Send an email to Maartje directly: