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Hoe snel groeit haar? Tips om haar sneller te laten groeien - Veganboost

How fast does hair grow? Tips to make hair grow faster

Find out how to grow your hair

How fast does hair actually grow? How fast hair grows varies from person to person. We do know that each hair grows around 0.35 cm per day. This means that your hair grows about 1 cm per month. But how do you make your hair grow faster if you want a beautiful long head of hair? We found out how to make your hair grow faster and have listed a number of useful tips for you. Read on for more information.

Give yourself a scalp massage regularly

To help your hair grow, it is definitely advisable to massage your scalp daily. When you massage your scalp, you stimulate blood circulation. This increases blood flow to the hair follicles. This way your hair will receive more oxygen and can absorb nutrients better, so you benefit from faster hair growth. There are also special massage brushes available to massage your scalp.

Don't wash your hair too often

Make sure you don't wash your hair too often. Shampoo should remove dirt from your hair, but that also means that your hair's natural oils disappear. These oils ensure that your hair remains beautiful and healthy. It is best to wash your hair every few days rather than every day. Take care of the ends of your locks with a special conditioner.

Keep going to the hairdresser

Want to grow your hair faster by cutting your hair? It really works. If you have your hair trimmed every so often, you will prevent your hair ends from splitting. The longer split ends you have, the more will need to be removed during a later visit to the hairdresser. So keep a close eye on your haircut and go to the hairdresser every three months.

Be gentle with your hair

Also make sure you are gentle with your hair. Brush your hair gently when it is wet and do not put it into a tight bun or ponytail too often. Also don't put your towel in your hair after washing. Your hair then gets stuck in the fibers of the towel. This makes your hair break faster.

Swallow her vitamin gummies

If you want to support your hair, it is also recommended to take hair vitamin gummies. These contain various vitamins, including Biotin, vitamin B and zinc. Each vitamin has its own positive effect on your hair. Always combine the gummies with a healthy and varied diet for optimal results.

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