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5 tips voor gezond haar! - Veganboost

5 tips for healthy hair!

Hooray, spring is just around the corner! The first spring in two years without restrictive measures and that means full terraces as soon as the sun shows up. Time to let your hair down! It's a bit disappointing when a bone-dry head of hair wakes up from your winter bun. And that's why we give you 5 tips for healthy hair!

Tip 1: Don't wash your hair daily

It takes some patience, but try not to wash your hair every day. You actually only need to wash your hair if it is greasy or dirty. And that greasy look occurs faster if you use shampoo every day. This is because your scalp produces more sebum after washing. If you now wash your hair every day, try to reduce it to every other day and maybe with a dry shampoo you can manage an extra day without washing. Everything for that naturally shiny, healthy forest!

Tip 2: Use a hair mask

All the time you save by washing your hair once every three days can be put to good use for your hair mask with a thorough wash. First wash your hair twice. Twice? Yes, twice. The first time the shampoo cleans your hair and the second time it nourishes. After washing, spread a hair mask nice and thickly through your entire head of hair. If you really have the time, let it sit for an hour before you start rinsing, but five minutes also gives a silky soft result.

Tip 3: Massage your scalp

A massage ensures good blood circulation, also for your scalp, which allows your hair to grow better. You can massage your scalp yourself, which is wonderful, but a shiny head of hair is also a good argument to convince your partner to give your head a nice massage. Doesn't he also want you to look great?

Tip 4: Visit the hairdresser regularly

Hair is dead material and no matter how well you care for it, split ends will eventually occur. If you don't trim these hair ends regularly, they can eventually split further and cause a pretty wild look. You can like that, but would you prefer a full, shiny bunch? Then visit the hairdresser regularly.

Tip 5: Eat healthy

Take care of your hair from within by drinking enough water every day and getting enough vegetables, fruit and vitamins. A healthy lifestyle also ensures healthy, shiny locks. Our hair vitamins contain all the vitamins that your hair can use and support a healthy lifestyle, check our offer immediately !

We are curious about your tips for healthy hair! Send us a message about how you keep your hair full and shiny.

Bonus: Anti-hair loss shampoo

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