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Waarom en hoe haarvitamines gebruiken? - Veganboost

Why and how to use hair vitamins?

Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside. If you eat a healthy and varied diet, you will get enough nutrients to feel good about yourself. But there are a hundred thousand reasons why you can't manage to convert that five-a-day meal into a healthy menu. And that's where vitamins come to your rescue. But why should you take special hair vitamins?

Supplement healthy lifestyle

In addition to healthy food, there are numerous cosmetic products that are good for your skin and hair. But like your skin, your hair can only absorb a small number of substances, so only creams with very high doses have an effect. And generally speaking, high doses are by definition not that good for you. Do you want more shiny and fresher hair? Then hair vitamins are a good addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Hair loss

There are on average 100,000 hairs on your head. And every day you lose a few wild ones, about 50 to 100 per day, these hairs are gone and make way for new ones. Hair loss is therefore not that strange, but sometimes you can suffer from more hair loss than normal. For example, after childbirth or during certain seasons, but a deficiency or excess of vitamins can also result in hair loss.

Hair vitamins support growth

Vitamins support processes in your body and hair vitamins focus on supporting the growth and health of your hair. Our hair vitamins have been specially developed against hair loss, hair breakage and unhealthy hair. They contain all the essential ingredients such as biotin, zinc, vitamins A, C, D3, B6, B12 and B5. Veganboost hairvitamins are suitable for all skin types. In addition, all our products are cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.

How do you use hair vitamins?

Veganboost hair vitamins come in gummies. With just 2 gummy candies per day you can ensure a strong and shiny head of hair. These apple gummies are suitable for both men and women. If you want to have children or are pregnant, choose our mummy gummies. These sweet gummies contain just a little more folic acid to support your baby's growth.

Shampoo against hair loss

Try our anti-hair loss shampoo . This is specially produced to prevent hair loss.

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