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Waarom is slaap belangrijk voor je gezondheid? - Veganboost

Why is sleep important for your health?

Sometimes it seems like our days never end. We work, exercise, run with the kids, study, do the shopping and fly to the next meeting. Sleep feels like a luxury, even though it is an essential part of our health. But why is sleep important? Well, because it is so important for your physical and mental health. Read along with us as we explain what makes sleep so important.

[1] Restoration and repair

When you go to bed, our body goes to work. The damage you cause during the day is repaired as best as possible at night. Consider stress, UV radiation and other harmful exposures. Cells produce more proteins during your sleep. These molecules form the building blocks for your cells, allowing them to repair damage. Amazing, right?

[2] Memory aid

Sleep is a prerequisite for a good memory. When you sleep, your brain processes the information you take in during the day. The brain consolidates important memories and deletes unimportant details. This process, also called consolidation, helps you better remember useful details.

[3] Weight management

Studies increasingly show that people who get plenty of sleep have healthier weight levels than those who don't sleep as well. Sleep deprivation is linked 1-to-1 to a higher risk of weight gain and the development of certain diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.

[4] Emotional well-being

And this may no longer surprise you, but sleep also has a positive influence on your mental health. If you sleep poorly for a long time, this will lead to long-term mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. A good night's sleep also helps to maintain a better mood.

[5] Immune system

While you sleep, your body produces and distributes essential substances. These substances help to protect your immune system against infections, diseases and stress. If you sleep poorly for a long time, your immune system weakens, making you more susceptible to diseases.

Why is sleep important? Well, that's why!

Why is sleep important for your health? Sleep is good for your physical health, your mental health, your memory, weight, immune system; endless benefits! Make sure you sleep well, because that will ensure many healthy years.

Could your sleep use some improvement? Exercise regularly and eat sensibly. Are you going through a busy period, are your children sleeping poorly or are you feeling a bit under the weather? Then some extra vitamins can make all the difference. And what makes it easier (and tastier!) than chewing two gummies a day? Shop our gummies here.

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