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Wat te doen tegen pluizig haar: Tips en trucs - Veganboost

What to do about frizzy hair: Tips and tricks

Frizzy hair can be a frustrating problem, especially if you've just styled your hair and it starts to frizz again after a few hours. The good news is that there are many things you can do to prevent and treat frizzy hair. In this article, we will share some effective tips and tricks to combat frizzy hair and get a smooth, shiny look.

What causes frizzy hair?

Before we get into the solutions, it's important to understand what causes frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is usually caused by dry and damaged hair. This can be caused by using harsh hair products, excessive heat styling, exposure to dry air and even using a towel to dry the hair after washing.

Tips for preventing frizzy hair

The best way to prevent frizzy hair is to keep hair hydrated and healthy. Here are some tips to prevent frizzy hair:

1. Use a mild shampoo

Choose a mild shampoo that is specially designed for dry and damaged hair. These shampoos contain ingredients that hydrate and nourish the hair, preventing frizz.

2. Use a conditioner

Always use a conditioner after washing your hair. This helps keep the hair moisturized and prevents frizz. Choose a conditioner specifically designed for dry and damaged hair and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

3. Avoid harsh hair products

Avoid hair products that contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates and alcohol. These ingredients can dry out the hair and cause frizz.

4. Protect your hair from heat

Avoid using hot styling tools such as hair straighteners and blow dryers. If you do use these, always use a heat protectant product to protect your hair.

5. Avoid dry air

Dry air can cause frizzy hair. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home, especially during the winter months.

Treatments for frizzy hair

If you already suffer from frizz, there are several treatments you can try to reduce it.

1. Use a hair mask

Use a deeply moisturizing hair mask to nourish your hair and reduce frizz. Apply the mask to clean, damp hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner can help tame frizzy hair. Apply to towel-dried hair and comb through before drying. It also protects against heat damage.

3. Use oil for the hair

Oils can help reduce frizz and nourish the hair. Apply a small amount of oil to your palms and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. It can also help protect the ends of your hair from damage.

4. Use a soft brush

Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid frizzy hair. A stiff brush can damage the hair and contribute to frizz.

5. Dry your hair properly

Use a microfiber towel to gently dry your hair. Do not rub your hair harshly as this can cause frizz. Also, let your hair air dry if you have the time, instead of using a hair dryer.


Frizzy hair can be a challenge, but with proper care and treatments it can be prevented and reduced. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized, avoid harsh hair products, use heat protection and dry your hair properly. And if you're already dealing with frizzy hair, consider using a hair mask, leave-in conditioner, or oil to treat it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can certain hair products cause frizzy hair?

Yes, some hair products contain harsh chemicals that can dry out the hair and cause frizz. Avoid hair products that contain sulfates and alcohol.

2. Does brushing your hair help reduce frizz?

Using a soft brush can help reduce frizz. But too much brushing can damage the hair and cause frizz.

3. Can using hot styling tools cause frizz?

Yes, hot styling tools such as straighteners and blow dryers can dry out hair and cause frizz. Always use heat protection to protect your hair.

4. Can dry air cause frizzy hair?

Yes, dry air can cause frizzy hair. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home.

5. How can I protect my hair from heat damage?

Always use heat protection before using hot styling tools. This can help protect hair from damage and reduce frizz.

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