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For healthier, longer, and better-looking hair.

Vitamin deficiency

Taking care of yourself is important. Maybe you have a sedentary job, you don't always eat healthy and self-care is more of a challenge than a habit. If your body has a deficiency, you will often notice this. Your nails become brittle, your skin becomes dry and your hair looks dull. Your body needs all the energy to keep it going, which makes the skin, hair and nails vulnerable.

At least 53% of the world's population* has a vitamin D deficiency, and we're just talking about one vitamin. Vitamin deficiencies cause you to experience all kinds of (serious) complaints, such as fatigue, insomnia, lethargy and concentration problems. Over time, specific diseases develop, so working on a balanced lifestyle in a timely manner is extremely important.

At Veganboost we believe that your health is your greatest asset. With a proven track record of 50,000+ customers, and 92% retention, our products ensure your team and customers feel their best.

Vegan boost makes the difference

Forget big, dry, dirty and hard to swallow pills. Our products are designed with the user in mind - simple, delicious and effective. Veganboost is here to make a difference for you and your target group. Your customers will definitely benefit from these gentle, delicious and effective hair vitamins. All the much-needed vitamins and minerals in two gummies a day, what more could you want?

Welcome to Veganboost

Meet Veganboost in your own language!

Welcome to Veganboost

Meet Veganboost in your own language!