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Beschadigd haar herstellen? Zo doe je dat! - Veganboost

Want to repair damaged hair? That's how you do that!

Tips for if you suffer from damaged hair

Do you want to repair damaged hair? Maybe you suffer from damaged hair because you often blow-dry, color or curl your hair. Your hair can then be damaged quickly. By often working with heat appliances such as curling irons and straighteners, your hair ends break and your hair becomes drier. How exactly can you repair your damaged hair? In this article we provide you with some useful tips. Read on and discover more!

Don't wash your hair too often

Make sure you don't wash your hair too often. By washing your hair with shampoo, you open your hair cuticles and remove the sebum layer from your scalp. Sebum is very important, because it ensures that your hair cuticles remain healthy. The less sebum you have on your scalp, the worse it is for your hair. It is also important to use the right shampoo. It is best to choose a shampoo without silicones, parabens and sulphates, because these dry out your hair.

Shampoo against hair loss

Try our anti-hair loss shampoo . This is specially produced to prevent hair loss.

Brush your hair with care

If you brush your hair, it is important to do this with care. This means that you should definitely not brush or comb your hair while wet. Wet hair breaks more quickly and can also be damaged more quickly during brushing. Only brush your hair dry and make sure you have a soft brush. These provide less friction.

Get your ends cut

What is also important if you want to repair damaged hair is to have the ends cut. This way you ensure that your hair ends do not split further. It is also advisable to go to the hairdresser regularly, so that a large part does not suddenly have to be removed. It is also recommended to regularly pamper your hair ends with Moroccan argan oil. This ensures that your hair is intensively nourished.

Chew her vitamin gummies

Hair vitamin gummies are definitely recommended if you want to restore your hair. These gummies contain essential vitamins and minerals that promote and restore your hair growth. This makes your hair healthier, stronger and shinier.

Do not use hot appliances for a while

As we already mentioned, damaged hair is caused by frequent use of hot appliances. That is why it is best not to use appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners. If you still want to use a curling iron or straightener when you go to a party, it is best to treat your hair with a special heat spray before you start using the hot appliances. This way you prevent your hair from further damage.

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