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Haaruitval na zwangerschap: dit moet je doen - Veganboost

Hair loss after pregnancy: this is what you should do

Everything about hair loss after childbirth

Do you suffer from hair loss after your pregnancy? When you have given birth, you may experience hair loss. These are not just a few hairs that fall out, but entire strands. Don't worry, though, because hair loss after childbirth is completely normal. With all the stress that childbirth entails and all the other changes, it is logical that your hair will fall out. But what exactly can you do about hair loss after pregnancy? Read on, because we have listed a number of tips against hair loss after childbirth.

Eat healthy and varied

Hair loss after pregnancy may be due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. That is why it is very important to eat healthy and varied. Your hair follicles need various vitamins and minerals to recover properly and grow fully again after childbirth. Make sure your diet contains plenty of protein. Healthy fats, grains, vegetables and fruit are also essential.

Take extra vitamins

It is also definitely advisable to take extra vitamins, such as hair vitamin gummies. This way you can be sure that you are getting your essential vitamins and minerals. These gummies also provide extra vitamins and minerals that you do not get from your diet. This allows your hair to recover even better and you will no longer suffer from hair loss after giving birth. It is advisable to ask your doctor for advice before using supplements to reduce hair loss.

Treat your hair with care

It is also very important to handle your hair carefully if you suffer from hair loss after pregnancy. The way you brush your hair can make a big difference. If you use a lot of force or the wrong brush, your hair can break more quickly or you may lose extra hair. It is best to use a soft brush so that you can detangle your hair without breaking it. Always brush the bottom of your hair first and then the top. Otherwise you will push the tangles downwards. Also gently massage your scalp while brushing. There are special brushes that also massage the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Do not use hot appliances

And our last tip: do not use hot appliances. So no curling iron, straightener or hair dryer. These devices are of course ideal if you want to style your hair beautifully, but they can cause your hair to dry out. This makes your hair break even faster. If you suffer from hair loss after giving birth, it is best to create hairstyles that do not require hot appliances. If you still want to do this, it is best to spray a protective spray in your hair so that your hair has as much protection as possible against the heat.

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