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3 tips for hair loss

As long as your hair looks good, the rest will follow naturally. Hair loss causes a lot of insecurity in women and men. But hair loss is a natural process, because everyone loses about 50 to 100 hairs every day. Sometimes you can lose more hair than usual due to hormones, medication or seasonal changes. Do you have the feeling that your brush catches a lot of hair or that your pillow becomes very hairy? Then read our 3 tips for hair loss.

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Every hair on your head goes through 4 phases before you find this one hair on your pillow.

Phase 1 - the hair growth phase

In this phase, cell division takes place, allowing new hair to grow. About 80 to 90% of all your 100,000 hairs are in this phase. And that can take 2 to 7 years!

Phase 2 - the transition phase

When your hair is gone it stops growing and the uprooting process begins.

Phase 3 - Rest phase

The old hair is still stuck in the hair follicle, but a new one is already budding underneath.

Phase 4 - Hair loss phase

The young hair is big enough and the old hair falls out. Once a hair reaches stage 4, you can no longer do anything against hair loss.

And because each hair goes through this cycle from growth to loss at its own pace, you always have sufficient volume. But it may be the case that many hairs make the phase transition to hair loss at the same time, so that you feel like you are suffering from hair loss.

3 tips for hair loss

The only phase in which you can make a difference yourself is the hair growth phase. Because if you can allow this phase to last a maximum of 7 years for each hair, you should see how full your hair becomes. But how do you do that?

Tip 1: From the inside out

Your hair is the mirror of your health and healthy hair starts from within. A balanced and healthy diet ensures sufficient nutrients for your entire body, including your hair. Lean proteins, healthy fats and lots of fruit and vegetables are super important. A healthy menu every day is not for everyone, but fortunately a healthy head of hair is. By supplementing your diet with hair vitamins , your hair follicles get all the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal condition (thanks to Biotin and Zinc).

Tip 2: Be gentle

When what you pay attention to grows. And that also applies to your hair. Take care of your hair with love and attention. This means not using a hot hairdryer too often and not putting your hair in a ponytail too tightly. Moreover, brushing from bottom to top can make a big difference. Start at your ends and slowly work your way up. This is not only good for your scalp, but you also prevent hair breakage and a full brush.

Tip 3: Become rich while sleeping, uh...beautiful

Sufficient sleep is extremely important to improve your health. And the healthier, the more beautiful your hair. So turn off that Netflix series on time and sleep for at least 8 hours in a row.

3 tips for hair loss , that's manageable, right? But actually the essence of a full, shiny head of hair can be captured in one sentence: take good care of yourself. Are your nights structurally shorter, do you have no time for a careful hair ritual or is your healthy lifestyle lacking? Then choose hair vitamins that provide extra support for your hair growth.

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