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How to take care of your scalp!

Do you regularly suffer from itching? Does your divorce quickly regain its greasy look after washing? Or do you suffer from flakes on your scalp? Then take active care of your scalp. For most people, this is part of washing their hair, but a little bit of extra love and attention for your scalp will really make a difference for you!

Shampoo against hair loss

Try our anti-hair loss shampoo . This is specially produced to prevent hair loss.

Wash well

If you have thick or a lot of hair, washing your hair is a time-consuming job. Not only massaging in your shampoo and conditioner, but also washing out all the products is a lot of work. And if you don't take enough time to wash out, product residue will remain on your scalp. These leftovers accumulate, together with minerals from the water and dead skin cells, creating a build-up of particles. In addition to an itchy feeling, this can also quickly make your hair greasy. Therefore, take your time to rinse your hair and scalp.

Scrub your scalp

In addition to rinsing thoroughly, you can also scrub your scalp regularly. This is really wonderful for those who love head massages. You have special brushes with which you can scrub your scalp, but this can also be done with your fingertips. Scrubbing helps against an irritated scalp, flakes, and limp, lifeless, dull and greasy hair.

Use hair vitamins

Your hair and skin reflect your health. If you suffer from vitamin deficiencies, you can immediately read this when you look in the mirror. It is therefore super important to eat healthy and varied. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and supplement your diet with vitamins in less healthy times. Vitamins A, B2 and C nourish the skin from within and support its restorative capacity. You can find all these vitamins and more in our Veganboost hair vitamins. Read here which vitamins are good for your hair .

Scalp care

Next time, step into the shower with the aim of taking care of your scalp, after showering your hair and scalp will feel lighter! Do you want to know what else hair vitamins can do for you? Then read this blog .
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