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Dit doet proteïne voor je haar - Veganboost

This is what protein does for your hair

Blow-drying, styling, coloring, we do everything to look great. But all these efforts can have a significant impact on the condition of your hair. Do your locks look tired? Do you suffer from split ends or dry hair? Then your damaged hair needs a little more attention. Read on to find out what protein can do for your hair.

Why protein for your hair?

Proteins give your body the nutrients to have a strong and energetic body. Each hair root provides a new hair protein, but after that your hair is dependent on your daily care for nutrients. In principle, occasional washing is sufficient for a radiant forest. But if you regularly use the curling iron or a coupe soleil, your hair could use some extra nourishment to stay beautiful. Protein can help with this.

What does protein do?

If your hair is damaged, your hair cuticles remain open. These scales ensure that all nutrients remain in your hair, but as soon as they remain open, your hair cannot retain nutrients. Protein for your hair works as a kind of filler for these open hair cuticles. This restores the balance in your hair.

The benefits of protein

Proteins not only give you a radiant dose, but you also feel the effect immediately.

The benefits of protein are:

  • restore your hair structure and therefore stronger locks
  • protection against new damage
  • split ends or dryness become less visible
  • visit the hairdresser less often

Protein treatment for your hair

There are many different shampoos, conditioners and hair masks available that nourish your hair with protein. It is important that you choose products with a long-term solution, because these are better for your hair. It is also important not to stress your hair too often with extreme heat or by swimming regularly.

Healthy hair starts from within

Good health starts from within. Therefore, ensure a varied diet with protein-rich foods, such as beans and legumes, and drink enough water for a good fluid balance. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, our hair vitamins are packed with minerals and vitamins to keep your hair as healthy, shiny and strong as possible. Moreover, they are free from artificial colors and flavors and completely vegan.

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