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Vitaminegummies voor de lente - Veganboost

Vitamin gummies for spring

We are already halfway through spring. And with the number of sunny days over the past month, it seems like it's the middle of summer! It's wonderful how indoor life slowly moves outside and that you can enjoy some rays of sunshine after your busy working day. Good for the vitamins! And who wouldn't benefit from vitamin gummies?

Spring fever

As soon as the sun really breaks through and the polders are in full bloom with beautifully colored carpets of flowers, everyone starts to get the itch. Front and back gardens are thoroughly cleaned up and many people are also taking the classic indoor spring cleaning seriously. And precisely because we are all so busy 'nesting' and getting our social lives back on track after the two-year pandemic, our body sometimes asks for more vitamins.

All balls in the air

In addition to sufficient fruit and vegetables, water and exercise, you sometimes also have to take a step back. You can't keep too many balls in the air, especially not for the long term. If you feel tired for a long time, take a lunch walk in the sun more often. Vitamin D deficiency is a notorious cause of fatigue.

Vitamins B, C, D

Your body produces vitamin D through the influence of sunlight on your skin. But if you use sunscreen, it makes sense to take a vitamin D supplement. Furthermore, a vitamin gummy with vitamins C and B does a lot for your zest for life. Vitamins C and B help your body release energy.

Hair vitamins

Our Veganboost hair vitamins not only contain vitamins B, C and D, which support your body during fatigue, but also vitamins and minerals that give your hair an extra boost. This way you will go into spring and summer completely radiant. An additional advantage of our hair gummies is that they are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and halal. And that's better for everyone!

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